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A total of 6 GIS Convention Centers, spreaded across Taiwan, offer highly flexible space for mid-size events welcoming 40-400 delegates. Taking one step further from venue rental, we present effective floor planning and connect you with comprehensive supplier networks based on our over 30 years’ experience in the meetings industry.

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POPOP TAIPEI, a multi-functional space that features “thinking hand, thinking mind,” provides maker space, workshops, co-working space and digital manufacturing zone. Enhance your industry value by connecting with the right partners and resources, while injecting sustainable elements to your day-to-day life.


ICC Tainan, located in the busy port city during the Age of Discovery, will be unveiled in 2022. While keeping the unique culture shaped by its enriched history, the city of Tainan now prides itself with the latest technology and semiconductor production in Taiwan. This combination of the old and the new is perfect for

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