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Virtual & Hybrid Conference

Over 500 video conferences with 1,000+ delegates and speakers participated

  • 2025 World Master Games Host City Contract Signing Press Conference - seamless connection between Taiwan, Switzerland and Spain

  • IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 - 7 Live Streaming rooms

  • 2020 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum - execution among 17 teams from both cities

Experience matters. While speakers focus on presenting their content, we put our insightful mindset onto meeting designs. We have much more to offer other than equipment and software rentals when it comes to meeting management integration.


Association Meetings

Leading in global awards and connections

  • 59th ICCA Congress 2020 - First Hybrid Meeting with holography

  • APAA’s 70th Council Meeting - attracted 1,700 attorneys from 71 countries

  • 2016 Velo-city Global - highest number of delegates hosted outside Europe

Taiwan’s first PCO to be accredited by IAPCO, we expertise in international bidding strategy, meeting design and execution, online and office registration, sponsorship and marketing, meeting technology application. With our 30 years experience, we have what it takes to amaze your delegates.


Governmental Meeting

Solid relationships with governmental departments that cannot be replaced

  • 59th ICCA Congress 2020 - successfully bid the Congress with the City Government

  • New Taipei and the New Normal: A Case Study of New Taipei's Approach to Reopening - connecting New Taipei City Government and the United States to share Anti-Epidemic results

  • EcoMobility World Festival 2017 - over 110 coordination meetings with the locals and the City Government in 2 years

Our know-how in procurement and working procedures in governmental departments is the key to successful bidding and meeting management. Through the inspiring moments we create for meetings and events, we work together to achieve one goal—making Taiwan outstanding.


Corporate Meeting /
Incentive Travel

Experience Taiwan, we have all it has to offer

  • Cocktail Party for Mr. Roger Chen, General Manager, General Reinsurance AG

Let us prove to you why Taiwan should be on your to-go-list. Thousands of corporate employees have had their minds blown through the meetings, training program and incentive travel that we have inventively put together.

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Exposition / Exhibition / Events

Yes, you can count on us!

  • 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition - Shopping Design Best Concept Exhibition 2018

  • 2013 Yunlin Agriculture Expo - Transforming Yunlin as Taiwan’s “agriculture capital”

  • 2010 Taipei World Flora Exposition - All made in Taiwan (MIT) from design and preparation to construction and management


No one else in Taiwan is more knowledgeable than us in destination marketing, operation management, curation and design. More than an event, the real and authentic experience is what makes the destination shine.


Venue Management

Flexible venue space design to meet your event demand and expand your business network

  • GIS Convention Centers - From Northern to Southern Taiwan, perfect for small groups of delegates

  • POPOP TAIPEI - your priority choice for art related events

  • ICC Tainan - discover the unlimited possibilities while connecting the local to global market

From our meeting management experience and comprehensive supplier connections, we understand our client needs to take the most advantage of space.

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Audio-visual Integration

World-class AV equipment and skilled engineers, the crucial elements for your next event

  • 59th ICCA Congress 2020 - Live streaming from 8 destinations worldwide, marked the highest record of delegates

  • 2020 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum - flawless communication and  between 10 teams

  • 2019 Asian-Pacific Parliamentarians' Union (APPU) - world-class audio-visual equipment and ISO certified interpretation equipments applied


Being part of the Congress Rental Network, we maintain superb quality [world class standard] for equipment integration. We are proud to be part of the 5,000+ events, including many online meetings during the pandemic.


Language Services

​The world is ever-changing, so are we.

With the latest-launched ISO certified interpretation equipment, interpreters can focus entirely on their performance. Let’s admit there are always unexpected incidents, but our well-trained engineers will make sure no one notices.

GIS Language Services brings you solutions to create a conference experience without language or cultural barriers. We provide conference language solutions including translation, simultaneous interpretation, meeting facilitation, emcee services, and presentation language services. We are able to support your event in the Asia Pacific region with local language experts.

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