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IAPCO Innovation Award 2018

Awarded Project: EcoMobility World Festival 2017

Kaohsiung City is known for its large number of scooters and it was very challenging to change the residents’ behavior. EcoMobility World Festival 2017 was not only an international conference, but also an innovative achievement for the community. More than an one-off event, it left a great legacy and initiated many sustainable developments.

  • Created an urban transportation culture through the festival

  • Number of delegates and exhibitors were two times more than the previous festivals

  • Different options of green transportations were arranged for delegates from their arrivals

  • Included environment education in the exhibition, in order to get the neighborhood engaged

  • To connect the delegates and local residents, special metro cards with stored value were arranged for delegates to enjoy local food in the neighborhood

  • As many objections were raised from the locals for making changes in their neighborhood, story-telling education sessions were arranged one and a half years before the event, for children to spread out what EcoMobility is about to their families

  • Markets and fairs were organized on the public streets every two months, allowing the residents to get used to the traffic re-arrangement

  • Most of the green transportation introduced is now being used in Kaohsiung and cities nearby

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